Initiation of Project Turtle World: Turtle Colony Method

Well, interest was lost a second time in this game, but it appears to be reviving. I have rethought some things, and changed the direction I would have sent the game in previous times. If it were to be released, I want TW to be an interactive game. By this, I mean that I want users to really be able to change it. Guilds to make their mark.
Turtle Colony will be based out of a city and beachfront, as in the “Out from the Marsh” edition. The Aquarium and City and all else will still exist, but developing the rest of the island will be left to guilds who will compete and work together to finish objectives that will influence the forming of the island. There will be a story as well, a bit of a mystery that will be revealed a little more every time the game is expanded.
The two major mini-games will be Shell-Carts, and Laser Tag. Shell Carts Inc. will also be a transportation company for Turtle Colony. Laser Tag will be accessed from a city building, and on certain days players wearing LT armour will be able to shoot each other in any game map.

I hope this new direction will bring fruit to Turtle World. When released, the game would be called Turtle Colony, a mission from Project Turtle World, which will be supervised by Sigma Studios and Srgt Flame Productions. If this direction revives interest and inspiration, a video will be released.

~Turtle World Design and Production Team


New Room – The Juice Bar

Complete with tables, sand, a triple-pond, soda cans and wine glasses, this non-alcoholic drink stand can be managed by any player who wants to chill out on the beach. Though this room may be remade, or at least edited with superior shading, it’s fine for now. It took me, Flame, quite a number of hours to make, and I hope I didn’t waste them.

Out from the Marsh

A marshy theme really isn’t terribly interesting, and somewhat difficult to sit with for hours. Turtles are often found in warmer climates, so it’s more natural aswell. Plus, who doesn’t like the tropics?

~Turtle World Design and Production Team

This one has pantzs!


~Turtle World Design and Production Team

Mark II Sprite and Clothing work

The finished shirt outline is the bottom right I believe. The Naval jacket would be a beta item. The sprites need work, and are only the Mark I edition.

~Turtle World Design and Production Team

Another room

The Turtle Pond will also be built to be a favorite area for turtle to hang out. The giant shell is going to be the tavern or a building with a similar inside. It will have a counter, and about three tables with likely one window inside. Turtles will also be able to walk into the water and bring floaty toys and perhaps even skip stones as a miny game. We will have to see what happens with the Turtle Pond room.

~TW Design and Production Team

New Room

Of the roughly 15 rooms that will be in the beta version the Aquarium will be a favorite hang out for turtles to play in. There, turtles can watch the fish that will be added, man the desk, give tours, chat with friends, and whatever else they come up with. Here’s the first beta version of the Aquarium:

~TW Design and Production Team

Turtle World Designers Beta 1.0

Welcome to the site gamers! Turtle World has been in the making for months, perhaps nearly a year, and is ready to start going live.¬†We started as a simple design for another, similar game called Animal Warriors, and then moved into an entirely separate project. If Turtle World is the final step in putting a game online, and hoping that it will keep interest to designers and spectators, it could take as much as two years to get going. Keep checking back and submitting designs and we’ll be there in no time. Also, TW is still looking for official designers to help, so if you have a paticualr talent that will be usefull to the game, submit a report of your skills and it will be looked over. You could be the next one to post!

~Turtle World Design and Production Team